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Meet Dr Michael White

My Chiropractic Journey

I was raised in the small town of Saint Croix Falls, Wisconsin. My first encounter with chiropractic care was during my senior year of high school, when I sustained a lower back injury while playing basketball. I went to my medical doctor, got put on opioids and muscle relaxers that did nothing to solve my underlying problem. After being on medications for weeks I was still unable to get out of bed without extreme pain or assistance from family.

My hometown chiropractic hero, Dr. Steven Bont treated student athletes for free. At that point in my life, I knew nothing about chiropractic, I had never been treated by one, but was willing to try anything to help relieve my lower back pain. I got adjusted one time and was pain free and back to playing sports.

The experience completely changed my view of healthcare, what I would consider for treating my own health concerns going forward. From that point, I knew he wanted to be a Doctor of Chiropractic, help people heal naturally, and give people the same gift of wellness that I was given by Dr. Bont.

Chiropractic Education

A graduate of Gustavus Adolphus College and graduate of Northwestern College of Chiropractic. I started practicing as an associate chiropractor and honing my skills in Jordan, MN. After 3 years of treating patients, sharpening my clinical expertise, coaching from a great mentor and learning how to run a chiropractic office, I began my journey to set out on my own.


Helping People of All Ages

I am a general practitioner who enjoys treating people of all ages and conditions. However, my favorite patients to treat are athletes who find truth in the claim that chiropractic does more than correct aches and pains; a properly aligned spine enhances sports performance, reduces the risk of future injury, and allows the body to age more gracefully.

Take the First Step

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