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New Patient Reviews

Meant To Meet Dr. Peterson For My Better Health

I feel like I was meant to meet Dr. Peterson, and together along with my husband and family we will make the necessary changes to prolong and enhance our lives. I feel more motivated than ever before to be proactive rather than reactive in my life and healthcare choices! Thank you so much! ~Staci M.

Efficient, Very Knowledgeable

Everyone I met was very efficient, very knowledgeable and more than willing to share that knowledge with me. I was comfortable the entire time I was there and felt fabulous when I left. ~Anitra K.

Don’t Think Twice If You Have Pain

Don’t think twice if you have pain. Go see him fast. He has done wonders so far with my pain and I just love not having that awful pain constantly. Thank you Dr. Bruce!! I’d refer him a million times over! ~Julie M.

Pro-Adjuster Helps

The Pro-Adjuster helps me so much and relieves my pain. It is very welcoming and comfortable coming here, and I always leave feeling better! ~ Carolyn P.

The Results Have Been Fantastic!

My introduction to Dr. Peterson came out of my daughters need for care. She was in high school at the time. Due to sports injuries she could not even sit through a class period. The treatment and care that Dr. Peterson gave her brought normality back to her life. Observing posters in his office prompted me to seek his treatment for bursitis in my hip. The results have been fantastic! Dr. Peterson’s knowledge and concern for his patients keeps me coming to him and inspired my daughter to pursue the profession of Chiropractic herself. ~ Ceil E.

Helped My 2 Week Old With Bowel Issues

When Antonio was born he was having problems with bowel movements. He couldn’t go! Dr. Peterson said, bring him in. Dr. Bruce adjusted Antonio at 2 weeks of age. He was so gentle, kind and caring. Sure enough within a hour of the adjustment he was going to the bathroom. And with a couple more adjustments it was smooth sailing!!! ~Amanda A.

Adjustments During Labor

I had been in labor for over 10 hours when Dr. Peterson came over on his lunch break to adjust me. The contractions were only 1-2 minutes apart and I had such intense back labor that I couldn’t even feel the uterine contractions, it was all back pain and I was barely coping at that point. In between contractions I had 2 adjustments, one on each side.

Of the pelvis/sacrum. Shortly after the second adjustment the contractions totally shifted and the labor became productive. Within a half hour I was pushing and 21/2 hours later Orion was born! How amazing Chiropractic can be for pregnancy, birth and labor! ~Aurore S.

Misalignment Affecting Digestion

My 9 month old son had been very fussy, not sleeping – waking every 45 minutes and biting me when he nursed. Dr. Bruce adjusted him and said that his misalignment was affecting his digestion. Within 2 hours he was back to being our happy content little guy. His sleeping returned to normal and he quit biting me! ~Kelly R.

Back Pain

I suffered from back pain due to a car accident and scoliosis. Over the year, Chiropractic treatment has reduced back spasms, increased flexibility, and gradually reduced a lower back scoliosis which continues to improve my whole posture and comfort. ~Gideon W.


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